Expect Excellence!

Sioux Valley School District 5-5
200 Hansina Ave.
Box 278
Volga, SD 57071
Phone: 605-627-5657
[email protected]

English I & II

Preparing individuals to succeed in an ever-changing global community.

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Mrs. Petersen

Sioux Valley Homepage

Success Steps

AR (Accelerated Reading) (CLICK for Book List)
12 points
Level 5 or higher: Pink w/ Silver Star OR Gold Star

Testing Times: SAT, Before/After School

Teacher MUST be present, NO MATERIALS, and
NEED planner signed ahead of time to take tests in
Mrs. Petersen's classroom. 

Every quarter, students start with no points (about one or
two books per quarter).

Deadline: May 12th
Remember: DO NOT wait last minute. 

*Bonus Opportunity: Up to 10 points

(1/2 point for each point)

Welcome & Expectations

Student Letter/Syllabus
1. Work Hard--Do your BEST!
SV Student Handbook
2. Start Enthusiastically--Positive Attitude
Hidden Rules of Success
3. Have a Goal/Plan
4. Focus on One Thing at a time
5. Trust People
Theater Rev. and Evaluation
6. Forgive Mistakes
Theater Production List
Basic Organizer
7. Look at Learning as a Challenge, not a frustration
Impromptu Rubric
Teaching Responsibilities:
English I
English II

Read Aloud Guidelines
8. Leave worries at work/home
Check Grades
9. Ask for Help when needed
Read Aloud Rubric
Click here for AR Test
10. Thank people
SV Library-Research
11. Serve/Help others
Persuasive Speech Template
12. Recognize Accomplishments at the end of the day
7-12 Lang Arts: Eng Ed (Comp\Lit\Speech)

Professional Preparation:
7-12 Secondary Education W/ 5-8 Middle Level
5-8 Middle Level Education - Language Arts
7-12 Language Arts: Speech/Debate
7-12 Language Arts: Drama/Theater
7-12 Language Arts: Mass Communications
Language Arts: Speech/Debate/Drama/Theater
7-12 Social Science Education - Sociology
13. Learn from mistakes, don't dwell on them
Office 365
SV Student Webmail

Back-up Documents/
Files (Shared/Private) 

SV Teacher Webmail
English I Textbook
Vocab Book
SV Edmodo
Semester Test Study Guide
South Dakota State University

English Education (Bachelor of Arts)
Broadcast Journalism (Bachelor of Science)

Communication Studies and Theater 
ESL/ELL Translator
ESL/ELL Student Grammar Gallery
To Kill A Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird (Spanish)
Home Page 
​Grammar Gallery
To Kill a Mockingbird

Common Core State Standards

Romeo and Juliet
​No Fear Shakespeare
Fahrenheit 451 Espanol (audio) Part 1
Works Cited Instruction--WORD
Fahrenheit 451 Espanol (audio) Part 2
English II Textbook
MLA Instruction-In-Text and Works Cited Guidelines
Semester Test Study Guide
Annotating Guide and Bookmark
PREZI Instruction: How to Begin
Annotating PPT
Julius Caesar
No Fear Shakespeare
Fahrenheit 451 Audio
Fahrenheit 451 Book
Antigone Original
Antigone Characters
Antigone Spanish Version